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Be Connected

Transform into Digital Workplace with audio/video calls and screen sharing

Audio/video calls

Calling is no longer about looking up a phone number and dialing. It’s about just clicking. And no more communications budget issues for your business, only free video and calls everywhere!

Deskphone companion

When your Phone system* is connected to Rainbow –  the perfect companion for your business desk phone – a great customer experience is the result.

You have access to your corporate address book, you can see the on-the-phone presence status of your contacts and launch click-to-call to reach them. Plus, every call log is available on Rainbow.

*Please contact us for a phone system compatibility with ALE systems list or a third party systems list.

Screen sharing

If you need to share a document during your call, click again and your document or screen can be shared.

Contacts & Bubbles

Once you install your mobile app your smartphone contacts become available from any device. You can instantly invite contacts to join your business community, and you can create bubbles for multi-party interactions. Starting business chat or discussions is done instantly!

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