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New communications technology

for your digital transformation success

Rainbow is a cloud-based platform that enables your developers to integrate communications features (audio, video, messaging…) in your own applications or business processes.

Use case – Mobile Banking

How to integrate communications into a mobile finance app

A large bank allows its 500,000 privileged customers to authenticate and then securely and directly exchange with their counselor/advisor in the bank’s mobile application, using voice, video or text.

Rainbow’s communication APIs makes it easy to integrate and enhance these functionalities in the bank’s portal.

This ensures the bank keeps a positive and strong relationship with its customers.

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Use case – Hospitality experience

How to integrate communications in a Guest Mobile app

A large Asian hotel chain with over 100K rooms saves money by minimizing the amount of time it takes to clean a room, making rooms available quicker.

“Rainbow APIs establish a direct connection between guests and the cleaning crew to report when a room needs to be cleaned and then monitors the execution and quality.”

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